Product + Processes

The Treasury is our collection of lovingly selected secondhand clothing. We believe that these efforts of keeping old clothes out of landfill and applying care and cleansing processes that are friendly to the environment will go a long way.

As part of our vision to inspire eco-friendly lifestyles, we hope to make dressing-up a fun and sustainable activity that's why the garments that go into our collection are carefully selected for their style, material, and overall condition. We work hard to provide keepsake pieces marked by lasting quality and a mix of quirky and classic style.


We source most of our items from numerous vintage shops and thrift stores. Other items are hand-me-downs from trusted donors. On occasion, we would have some pieces repaired, altered, or reconstructed to suit our standards and that of our loyal clients.


We initially disinfect the garments with essential oils. We use tea tree oil as our main natural antiseptic and antibacterial. We then proceed to an energy cleansing method, and wash them using biodegradable detergents. We use homemade natural spray to freshen and further disinfect. 

We are open to any suggestions on cleansing methods! You may write to us at


We strive to produce zero waste as much as possible in the collection and packing of all the items. All plastic trash are used as ecobrick stuffings, and paper trash are donated to our local scrap collector for repurposing or composting.


The VLM staff is deeply involved in the entire process of sourcing, cleansing, and packing the products. This is to provide optimal efficiency in handling and caring for the clothes.