We make bold and fun art for our muse, the Filipina. Our pieces are inspired by the Filipino woman's creativity, strength, femininity, and adaptability, as well as the rich culture that surrounds her — an amalgamation of western and Southeast Asian sensibilities. We provide for her conceptual products — art that she will love to use or wear not because it's the trend but because it makes her feel more like her creative and evolved self.


Viva La Manika started as a vintage clothing brand in 2011 by designer and artist Sofia Cope. In 2012, she introduced handmade, graphic resin jewelry to the product line. It has since been coveted by a fashion-oriented community. The designs are marked by its reference to culture and the artist's playfully chic style.

Today, the brand aims to focus on capturing and elevating the Filipina woman through art, jewelry, and stationery. We've been moved by the many ways she thrives today — be it in work, in family-raising, in art, and in life. 


Viva in Spanish means "long live". Manika in Filipino means "doll"; in Hindu, "jewels".